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Yellow Microdun – start of my dryfly box this season!

2015.02.28.dryfly.yellow_microdunHook: TMC 111 #14
Thread: Sheer 14/0 Yellow
Tail: Micro Polychenille
Dubbing: Fly-Rite #9 Golden Yellow
Wing: Whiting Grizzly
Wingpost: Polypropylene Yarn

I have done a lot of spey and salmon patterns this winter, but tomorrow is March, and sprint is around the corner, so it is time to start filling up the dryfly box!

We have a river running through Oslo here that have had a bad time (basically all trout was killed of some years ago), and wasn’t supposed to open until next year, but this week we got the message that the river will be opened from 1.April this year instead, so I’ll start getting some dries up to start with some urban fly fishing this easter!

Micro Polychenille Extended Body

Hook: TMC 111 #14
Thread: Sheer 14/0 White
Tail: Andre Bruns Micro Polychenille
Thorax: Fly-Rite Extra Fine Poly #22 Cahill Tan
Wingpost: Hareline Para Post Dark Grey
Hackle: Whiting

On this patttern the TMC 111 really shines: the short hook and wide gap makes it perfect for a extended body, and hooking a fish on smaller hooks have a greater chance to sit. Another one of my favorite patterns that the trout cannot get enough of


Hook: Dai-Riki 305 #13
Thread: Sheer 14/0
Tail: Polychenille
Wing: Hareline Para Post Dark Grey
Body: Hends Superfine
Thorax Cover: 2mm black foam
Legs: 0.5mm stretch nylon

First attempt at this pattern. The bibio hatch can be great and I have had some flies in my box previously, but those I’ve bought. This one is inspired by Andre Brun, but with some slight modifications on material since I didn’t have everything in the original pattern.


Hook: TMC 11 #14
Tail: Andre Brun’s Micro Polychenille
Thorax: Fly-Rite Extra Fine Poly #9 Golden Yellow
Hackle: Whiting Bronze
Wing Post: Polypropylene Yarn

When I got the  closed cell foam from Andre Brun to tie up some moth, I also ordered a package of the Micro Polychenille to create some extended dries. The TMC 111 is great for this setup where you have a short body and a extended tail – the gap is also wide so you can tie it down in small sizes and not have to worry about the small gap that a more normal hook will have.

Simplest extended mayfly

Hook: Mustad 94840 #12
ThreadSheer 14/0 Black
Body: Hends Superfine, Black
Tail: Polychenille, Black
Wing: Hareline Para Post Wing, Dark Grey

I was at a river this summer with a good mayfly hatch that left me speechless, I didn’t have much material with me, and I was fishing a stream with quite a bit of water flowing so I went for what is important: the profile. The tail and wings gives a powerful profile that the trout will hit. This fly landed me a couple of trouts and some serious takes from a couple more that trashed the water nicely! Heading back this autumn to do some more fishing in the same river and will pack a row of these.

The lighter is there for melting the tip of the polychenille (I rub it slightly between the fingers after applying some heat to give it a profile.