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Simplest extended mayfly

Hook: Mustad 94840 #12
ThreadSheer 14/0 Black
Body: Hends Superfine, Black
Tail: Polychenille, Black
Wing: Hareline Para Post Wing, Dark Grey

I was at a river this summer with a good mayfly hatch that left me speechless, I didn’t have much material with me, and I was fishing a stream with quite a bit of water flowing so I went for what is important: the profile. The tail and wings gives a powerful profile that the trout will hit. This fly landed me a couple of trouts and some serious takes from a couple more that trashed the water nicely! Heading back this autumn to do some more fishing in the same river and will pack a row of these.

The lighter is there for melting the tip of the polychenille (I rub it slightly between the fingers after applying some heat to give it a profile.


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