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William Blacker: Standard Flies 2. The Grouse Hackle

Tip: gold
Body: Gold or orange silk
Legs: Grouse

The Grouse Hackle from The Art of Angling by William Blacker. The one above is tied in hand on a vintage blind-eye hook, while the three below all are tied for fishing on Ahrex FW580 #10.

A spider pattern that should give plenty of movement and fish! The grouse hackle is something I should use more of going forward with variants over this pattern!

Closing down have been running for a long time, it was initiated a long time ago, and the plan was to build up a site with a community around it. The site never got much traction, and with constant updates and a lack of features I have decided to close it down.

I will get something back up on in the future, but with a real plan and content around it. The domain is good, and it deserves something better than it has today.

Thanks to those that used it, and It will be back in the future!

John Sand: Ulrik

  • Hook: #10-14
  • Body: 1/2 flat copper, 1/2 green wool
  • Hackle: Badger cock or bodyfeather from Jungle Cock

A fly from the “hackle and spider” series by John Sand: Ulrik.

The body of this fly could be done either with copper thread or flat copper. The green wool could also be substituted with seals-fur for a little bit of extra shine and volume to the body.

The pattern lists both badger and JC body feather for hackle, here I chose the latter to make good use of the JC cape. It is also softer than the badger I have available, so for me this was the better chose for a spider

Tied on Mustad 73100 #10: