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Hook: Partridge Klinkhamer X-treme #14
Thread: Sheer 14/0 white
Body: Fly-Rite #18 Rusty Orange
Thorax: Peacock
Wingpost: Poly yarn
Wing: Whiting Bronze

Time to tie up a row or two of the Klinkhamer (a good article about it here), a good patter for trout or grayling. The original pattern has peacock for thorax, but I also tie up with dubbing in different colors.


Other variants:


Yellow Microdun – start of my dryfly box this season!

2015.02.28.dryfly.yellow_microdunHook: TMC 111 #14
Thread: Sheer 14/0 Yellow
Tail: Micro Polychenille
Dubbing: Fly-Rite #9 Golden Yellow
Wing: Whiting Grizzly
Wingpost: Polypropylene Yarn

I have done a lot of spey and salmon patterns this winter, but tomorrow is March, and sprint is around the corner, so it is time to start filling up the dryfly box!

We have a river running through Oslo here that have had a bad time (basically all trout was killed of some years ago), and wasn’t supposed to open until next year, but this week we got the message that the river will be opened from 1.April this year instead, so I’ll start getting some dries up to start with some urban fly fishing this easter!

Parachutes with Orange wing TMC100BL #16
Thread: Sheer 14/0 Black
Tail: Whiting Hackle
Body: Fly-Rite Extra Fine Poly Black
Wingpost: Wapsi Polypropylene Orange
Hackle: Whiting Bronze

This parachute pattern is favorite of mine and I tie it up in different colors, normally I tie in with a white wingpost but this time I got myself some orange Polypropylene and tied up a small batch to bring with me. Tying up more later today, but I should have enough in my box now (when do you get enough of these??)


Brown CDC Nohackle

Hook: TMC 100BL #16
Thread: Sheer 14/0 Brown
Tail: Mayfly tails
Body: Fly-Rite Extra Fine Poly Brown
Wing: CDC

These small nohackle CDCs sit a little bit different in the water than the ones with hackle and is a good example on why less-is-more! This version I tried to tie up with 4 tail fibers to get it to sit higher in the water. Good for both trout and grayling around these parts.