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Seatrout Sunday


The summer is close to over, and because of a injury I haven’t had many possibilities to go fishing. Add to that: I managed to break a ring on my Arctic Silver 10ft #7 earlier this summer…. But: yesterday the spare part came and today I went out for a quick trip, just to get some time by the sea.

When I came out to my spot I saw lots of small fish jumping clear of the water, showing clear signs of being chased by something! I tied up some sunray shadows earlier, some variants with gold and silver bodies, so when I saw the small fish I tied on one of those and started pulling in as quickly as I could. On the third throw I had a follower all the way in – 1m from shore I saw it, but it turned and I got that bubble of water…

For a while it was quiet, but I kept at the spot and 10min later I was pulling in quickly again, and this time it hit in the surface – the sunray was maybe 10cm under the surface, so I got a big splash out of it, then it came back and turned quickly just below the surface right next to the fly, leaving that bubble of water showing where it went!

It died down a bit around then, I tried on some different flies, had some lunch and relaxed. The sunray is a great pattern for both river and lake, and I put it back on again after a while – dragged it over the same area as before, and not until I pulled in as quick I could I got another hit, this time a smaller one, but I landed it. A very small seatrout that didn’t put much bend in my 10ft #7 rod, but it was there, and it swims on:

IMG_1999A good day by the sea, now I’m waiting for the trip up north in a couple of weeks!


Quite times – for a reason

So, it has been quiet here for a while, but it has its reasons: I’ve had a injury that made me not prioritize tying and fishing for a while. Not that I haven’t tied flies, I just haven’t pushed things here on the blog for a while. Everything is getting better now, and salmon & trout season is upon us, so I’ll keep you posted over summer with some pics!

In the meantime, some pics of recent ties:


Fly Tyer Briefcase – DIY

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI think this is a story that a lot of flytyers have been through: When I started fly fishing I purchased flies and brought them with me on a trip, noticing which was good or not. Then I started tying myself, looking at the experience I had with the flies and was happy with that, but I was tying up a lot of different patterns to ensure I wouldn’t be empty of a particular size.

Then came the next step: bringing with me tying gear to tie on-the-spot, or if the weather was bad! But, I brought with me stuff in plastic bags, and everything was messy, and the bottles of varnish had to be wrapped and things was all over the place. So: there are some cases you can buy out there, but they are expensive, and they don’t fit what you want, so after work today I got one of these briefcases that are meant to transport cameras and so on, and got to work (these should be able to get a lot of different places)

The inside is well padded and the material is “pre-cut” in small squares that you easily can tear off to get your bottles and gear into.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI have half the briefcase for my bottles of varnish, the vice and all the other things I need when I go outside my normal tying station.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe other half I can then fill up with hooks, dubbing, hair and everything else I need for that particular trip. Of course: this is not the ideal place to bring along capes, but I’ll see what I can do with the lid there to get room for some more.