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For a while now I have worked on a site to let flytyers promote themselves and their work. I got the idea this winter when I was tying: I was visiting different forums for inspiration and some people only frequented forums, some were only on facebook and others again on their own blog and nowhere else! To get a overview of where all these sources of inspiration where, and who they are was not easy, so I did a bit of research and found the domain to be available and the idea was born.

If you look at my profile page on you should get the idea of what it is about: a profile showing who I am and where to find me on different social media, and the favorite sites that I frequent and find inspiration from. I let the site live before the summer vacation and there are some people that now have signed up and started creating their profile pages.

The site is now in its base form and the functionality that is needed to create a profile, but I’ll be working to tie it together with and other sites that I have planned for the autumn/winter (I have some other domains that I look forward to developing, keep an eye on this site for updates!). I would love to get feedback on what you would like to see, or if you experience any problems using the site.

I hope the site can keep you inspired by other tiers and to be a place where you can discover other styles and methods of tying!