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Dubbing: the one thing you need to start with when getting into fly-tying, at least when you start of with dryflies! The start inspiration point for this site was that dubbing was not something you could get a good idea about: you could see a pack online, or in the store, but how would it behave or look once dubbed and attached to the hook? This page is all about what I would have wanted when I first started out tying, so I hope you can find something here that will show you how these look like:

2013.04.dryfly.me_.dubbing_hares_ear_plus_packageHareline: Hare’s Ear Plus

WapsiWapsi SLF Squirrel Spikey Dubbing

Hends Superfine DubbingHends Superfine Dubbing

Fly-Rite: Extra Fine PolyFly-Rite: Extra Fine Poly

Wapsi Natural Nymph Blend SquirrelWapsi Natural Nymph Blend Squirrel

Hends Musk-Rat DubbingHends Musk-Rat Dubbing

Hends Spectra DubbingHends Spectra Dubbing


  • Dennis Shaw on Dubbing
    This is one of the most comprehensive article I have seen when it comes to dubbing: tools, tricks and description on all the basis things you need to know. This is the article I wished I had known about when I started tying

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