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Micro Polychenille Extended Body

Hook: TMC 111 #14
Thread: Sheer 14/0 White
Tail: Andre Bruns Micro Polychenille
Thorax: Fly-Rite Extra Fine Poly #22 Cahill Tan
Wingpost: Hareline Para Post Dark Grey
Hackle: Whiting

On this patttern the TMC 111 really shines: the short hook and wide gap makes it perfect for a extended body, and hooking a fish on smaller hooks have a greater chance to sit. Another one of my favorite patterns that the trout cannot get enough of


Hook: TMC 11 #14
Tail: Andre Brun’s Micro Polychenille
Thorax: Fly-Rite Extra Fine Poly #9 Golden Yellow
Hackle: Whiting Bronze
Wing Post: Polypropylene Yarn

When I got the  closed cell foam from Andre Brun to tie up some moth, I also ordered a package of the Micro Polychenille to create some extended dries. The TMC 111 is great for this setup where you have a short body and a extended tail – the gap is also wide so you can tie it down in small sizes and not have to worry about the small gap that a more normal hook will have.

#26 Parachute Gamakatsu: C12-BM #26
Thread: UNI Trico 17/0
Body: Hends Superfine
Thorax: Fly-Rite Extra Fine Poly Rust
Wing: Wapsi Polypropylene, Whiting Hackle

Another one for a swap targeting Caenis. This time a parachute emerger  on one of my favorite tiny hooks: the gamakatsu C12-BM, great big eye that really helps when tying it on a 7x tippet.


Hvitvinge TMC 100BL #12
Thread: Sheer 14/0 Yellow
Body: Fly-Rite Extra Fine Poly #9 Golden Yellow
Wing: André Brun Closed Cell Foam
Head: Deer

A while back I was north in Norway and had one of these in my box (this was before I had started tying), and had very good luck with it. This “Hvitvinge” from André Brun is a great moth imitation that makes a lot of noice and movement on the surface and will keep on floating forever. I bought a couple of bags with the foam from André Brun and got it in the mail yesterday, I had to tie up a round of these on a TMC 100BL to see how it is to work with. Once you get the layering and tying in of the foam (at around the second fly), this is a quick and effective fly to tie up. Will experiment with some different body/head color and also tie it up on a non-bl hook.

Tiny: Spent Caenis #30

Hook: TMC 518 #30
Thread: UNI Trico 17/0
Rib: Sheer 14/0
Wing: Wapsi Sparkle Organza
Thorax: Fly-Rite Extra Fine Poly Rust

Tying up for a caenis swap with a spent #30 – trying to incorporate  tail, rib, wing and dubbing on a hook this small is a challenge that you should undertake from time to time. This will really get your thread-control skills up a couple of levels