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Mustad: Zulu patterns

A couple days ago I published a Mustad catalogue with a extensive list of patterns, the pattern illustrations was scanned and added to

The patterns are at times blurry, and the scan doesn’t do them justice, so I’ve started tying up some of the patterns and photograph them for the site.

I’m not saying that I’ll do all 339 patterns, but we’ll see…. I’ll do parts of them on and off going forward, and then we’ll see what happens. Today was a set of 6 different zulu patterns. See them all on

William Blacker: Standard Flies 11. The Grey Housewife

Tail: Mallard, two fibres
Body: Light brown mohair, mixed with hare’s ear
Hackle: Partridge neck, or grey cock
Wing: Hen pheasant’s wing, or grey drake

The Grey Housewife from The Art of Angling by William Blacker. The one above is tied in hand on a vintage blind-eye hook, while the two below all are tied for fishing on Ahrex FW580 #10.


A pattern by John Sand: Husmannsflua.

The combination silver/black/red is never wrong, and not so here either. Tied on a Mustad 71300 #10 with berlin wool as dubbing in the thorax. A pattern that can be changed with longer hackle or more black dubbing, depending on the river and conditions you are fishing in.

  • Hook: #10-14
  • Tail: Short tuft nylon floss
  • Body: First 1/3-1/2 flat silver tinsel, rest black wool
  • Hackle: Black hen.