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William Blacker: Standard Flies 11. The Grey Housewife

Tail: Mallard, two fibres
Body: Light brown mohair, mixed with hare’s ear
Hackle: Partridge neck, or grey cock
Wing: Hen pheasant’s wing, or grey drake

The Grey Housewife from The Art of Angling by William Blacker. The one above is tied in hand on a vintage blind-eye hook, while the two below all are tied for fishing on Ahrex FW580 #10.


A pattern by John Sand: Husmannsflua.

The combination silver/black/red is never wrong, and not so here either. Tied on a Mustad 71300 #10 with berlin wool as dubbing in the thorax. A pattern that can be changed with longer hackle or more black dubbing, depending on the river and conditions you are fishing in.

  • Hook: #10-14
  • Tail: Short tuft nylon floss
  • Body: First 1/3-1/2 flat silver tinsel, rest black wool
  • Hackle: Black hen.

Green & Red Wetfly

Hook: Dai-Riki 305 #10
Thread: UNI  8/0 Black
Tail: Golden Pheasant,
Body: Red Floss, Black Floss wrapped around
Wing: Turkey Biot, Lt. Olive
Chin: Whiting Bronze, Brown

My first attempt on a classic wet-fly, took what material I had at hand and proceeded to get something together that wasn’t half bad. Been looking into traditional wet-fly fishing lately and my next project will be to tackle some of Bergman’s “Trout” patterns