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Hvitvinge TMC 100BL #12
Thread: Sheer 14/0 Yellow
Body: Fly-Rite Extra Fine Poly #9 Golden Yellow
Wing: André Brun Closed Cell Foam
Head: Deer

A while back I was north in Norway and had one of these in my box (this was before I had started tying), and had very good luck with it. This “Hvitvinge” from André Brun is a great moth imitation that makes a lot of noice and movement on the surface and will keep on floating forever. I bought a couple of bags with the foam from André Brun and got it in the mail yesterday, I had to tie up a round of these on a TMC 100BL to see how it is to work with. Once you get the layering and tying in of the foam (at around the second fly), this is a quick and effective fly to tie up. Will experiment with some different body/head color and also tie it up on a non-bl hook.

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