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Baitfish day

Hook: Allen SW001 #4
Thread: Benecchi White
Body: Hareline Select Craft Fur white/black/olive, flash, anglehair
Eyes: 6mm 3d, Bug Bond cover

My new saltwater box needed some baitfish and I found a box of Allen SW001 that is quite short and have a nice open bend that I like in this pattern. When tying these long hairy baitfish you can use a range of material: bucktail, fox, templedog or craft fur as I have done here. This is a really quick pattern to tie up, and most of it is actually spent curing the bugbond!

The primary colors I fish with is green and black, but I have some blue, yellow and red that I will give a go later on. The eyes are attached with superglue and then some layers with bugbond around to form the eye, they are still a bit tacky, so I want to try out some other UV resin soon to see how they behave.

As you can see in this picture I tie these really slim, but the movement this gets when you pull it quickly in have triggered the most of the seatrout I have landed, so I never go out without a couple of these in my box

Lipstick Shrimp Variation

Hook: TMC777SP #6
Thread: UNI 6/0 White
Mouth: Templedog White, Eumer Goat, Hareline Woolhead Dubbing, Red Prismacolor marker
Eyes: Bug Bond
Body: Hareline Woolhead Dubbing
Dubbingloop over body: Mix of Hareline Ice Dub Silver Holographic, Hareline Woolhead Dubbing  and Sealwool VB-Dubbing

Yes, I’m on a seatrout tying mission these days, and today was a variation of the lipstick shrimp from Eivind Berulfsen. I basicly didn’t have any of the materials he lists, but the technique is what’s important: to learn the layering and idea behind it, how things fit together. After that you can start looking at what material you have or can get a hold of that will behave close to the original as possible. I think the goat in the mouth will create that long translucent effect, and the combinations I put together for the body should give a very nice effect when it is wet and flowing through water.

I will, of course, have to try this out, but that is for next week since I have plans this week that stops me from going out fishing, but until then I will tie up a couple more of this to bring with me.

Dry Freestyle

Hook: Hends 454 BL #16
Thread: Sheer 14/0 Brown
Tail: Mallard Flank
Body: Stripped Peacock Quill, Bug-bond coating
Wing: Whiting Bronze, Mallard Flank

A lot of times I test out things to see how they turn out without thinking about a particular imitation. Today was a test to see how the peacock quill body with bug-bond coating looks like. The fly will absolutely work, and will take its way into my barbless box!

Red Buzzer with yellow Turkey Biot Cheeks Kamasan B100 #12
Thread: Sheer 14/0 Brown
Resin: Bug-Bond LITE
Body: UNI Floss Red, UNI-Mylar peacock
Thorax: UNI Floss Black
Cheek: Hareline Turkey Biot Quills Yellow

The previous bug-bond bottle I had was too thick for the small buzzers so I got myself a new bottle with the LITE version that is much more appropriate when creating small bodies like this. The red floss soaks up a lot of the bug-bond and gets a lot darker, so I will continue to see what material will be best for these kinds of flies. The other thing I wanted to test out was to use Turkey Biot Quills for cheeks on the buzzer, and I think that worked out fine: the bug-bond doesn’t discolor it and it is easy to work with.

The other new thing with this fly was the hook: a Kamasan B100 Shrimp/Buzzer hook that I haven’t tied on before. My initial feel for it is good: it is thin but strong and it has a nice big gap that will make this hook perfect for emergers and buzzers.


SBS: Baitfish TMC 811S #6
Thread: UNI 6/0 Black
Tail: Hareline Extra Select Craft Fur White, Angel Hair
Body: Hareline Solid Tinsel Chenille Pearl
Wing: Hareline Extra Select Craft Fur White/Black
Head: Hareline Adhesive Holographic Eyes 3/16 Red, Bug-Bond

I have fished some in saltwater before, but haven’t had much luck when it comes to actually catching anything(!?!). But: I was on vacation last week and ended up when the tidal went out underneath a bridge, causing a strong current where I spotted a lot of fish. I put on this baitfish on my #6 rod and got 30minutes of Mackerel fun: pulling in fast I saw the mackerel hitting this fly hard! More pictures on that later, but this is my take on a baitfish pattern that was very successful. It becomes quite slim in the water and should trigger the fish if pulled in fast high in the water

Add a loop of mono at the end of the hook, I use quite a thick one in craft fur above the guard off the craft fur properly ( the fish might hit this fly hard ) some angel hair (not needed, but adds some glimmer to the fly) in the tinsel the tinsel, forming a body. I don’t mind much if the body is even or straigth more white craft fur as underwing black craft fur as top-wing and tie of the fly with a decent head since you want a place to glue on the eyes. I vary between black, brown and  green for the top-wing to create variations use some zap-a-gap to glue  the eyes to the thread bug-bond to form a head material needed for this fly