Flyfishing, flytying and hooks – New design & Hanak hooks

The design for have been the same since the initial release almost 4 years ago. The design worked, but I’ve had a desire to change it for a while now, so with a couple of days available I sat down and cleaned up the design, added some better visual indicators and made it much better for mobile usage.

I have tried to keep it as minimalistic as possible, with focus on the hooks and information relating to the hooks. If you see any issues with the new design: please contact me here with a comment!

With the new design I also added over 100 new pictures and size information on hooks from Hanak.

John Sand: Ulrik

  • Hook: #10-14
  • Body: 1/2 flat copper, 1/2 green wool
  • Hackle: Badger cock or bodyfeather from Jungle Cock

A fly from the “hackle and spider” series by John Sand: Ulrik.

The body of this fly could be done either with copper thread or flat copper. The green wool could also be substituted with seals-fur for a little bit of extra shine and volume to the body.

The pattern lists both badger and JC body feather for hackle, here I chose the latter to make good use of the JC cape. It is also softer than the badger I have available, so for me this was the better chose for a spider

Tied on Mustad 73100 #10:


A pattern by John Sand: Husmannsflua.

The combination silver/black/red is never wrong, and not so here either. Tied on a Mustad 71300 #10 with berlin wool as dubbing in the thorax. A pattern that can be changed with longer hackle or more black dubbing, depending on the river and conditions you are fishing in.

  • Hook: #10-14
  • Tail: Short tuft nylon floss
  • Body: First 1/3-1/2 flat silver tinsel, rest black wool
  • Hackle: Black hen.