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Earlier this year I reached out to some hook companies to see if they were interested in donating some hooks to be included on, I got A.Jensen covered earlier, but this time I got reply back from Dohiku, Claw & Knapek.

Claw 214

Claw is covered 100%, only 3 sizes is missing from Dohiku and the same status regarding Knapek.

Knapek D

With all sizes for a hook type it is easier to see how the hook compares with others and how it grows/shrink in size as they go up or down in size, this can be of importance if you look to tie up a pattern in different sizes on the same hook.

Dohiku 302

It is easier to cover smaller companies that doesn’t have too many hooks or sizes (and sit on full stocks of all hooks created), compared to companies like Mustad or Partridge that both have a long history, but I hope to cover more of the bigger companies as time go.

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