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Following up on the recent update of hooks on – today a look at some of the hooks that have been added from Mustad:

R90 #8

A 4xh hook that is built to hook large fish on the small sizes, this is the hook I tie small nymphs for salmon fishing up north with. Due to the weight it will also sink quickly in rapid streams.

3257B #12

A hook I’ve never tied on, and that I would love to get more insight on the background of its shape.

518B #1/0

A very short shank in large sizes, reminds me of a up-scaled spider hook. There is a 527 blind-eye from Mustad that I haven’t taken a picture of yet that looks very much like this.

3907 A #4

The start of the 3907 series

3907 B #4

The length of B is the same as A, but with a much heavier wire

3907 C #8

The third 3907 hook, would love to have this in #4 to compare all the three 3907 hooks in the same series.

79580 #2

Hooks like this and the R-75 follow-up makes it interesting to have historic hooks to see how a hook type have evolved over time. The 79580 evolved to R75, and you can see the similarity but also the difference in shape, bend and barb on these two

R75-79580 #4

The R75 have a much smaller barb than the 79580

94720 #2

Another comparison: but here the difference is really big – the old 94720 is much longer than the newer R79

R79-94720 #2

The newer R79 on the other hand, have a much heavier wire than 79580

It is interesting to see the difference between old and new versions of the same hook and hooks in the same series to see how they actually differ besides the name of it. If you have hooks that can fill in the gap of missing hooks, please contact me!

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