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Spey – first heron

I have been searching for some good spey hooks for a while, the flow and look of a good spey pattern is something that really appeals to me. This weekend I was out shopping for something else at when I found a package of good heron and then Alec Jackson’s Spey fly hooks size 1 1/2 heavy! I had to tie up a couple on this hook straight away to get a feel on how they are to work on. The hook itself is very solid and have that profile you are after when tying spey patterns, these are for fishing and looking back at them they was a bit rushed, but overall I’m very happy with getting these hooks (and knowing that I have a steady supply here in town). Now I need to swing these to see how they behave – I have a feeling they are a bit overdressed so I will tie them slimmer next time.

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