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First double-hook salmon fly Kamasan B280 #6
Thread: Sheer 14/0 Black
Tag: Lagartun Varnished Frensh Tinsel Oval X-Strong Medium
Tail: Golden Pheasant topping
Butt: Ostrich
Body: UNI Floss Black, Lagartun Varnished Frensh Tinsel Oval X-Strong Medium
Wing: Blue & Black Templedog
Cheek: JC
Varnish: Veniard No.1 Clear

A first for me today: a double-hook salmon fly. I have never had any double-hooks available, but I was in the local flytyer shop and I picked up a box of Kamasan B280 in #6 to do some experimenting. This blue/black wing pattern should prove very effective, the pattern itself is very simple and doesn’t include many materials. In fact: you can easily cut out the ostrich, golden pheasant tip and the JC and still stand with a very good fly!

View from below: Kamasan B280: golden pheasant head where I pick the topping from:




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