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52 Weeks: 3 – Self portrait weeks challenge was a bit tricky: should I tie something that reflects my eye color, my favorite color or something else? For a while I was stumped on what to do, but then I took my personal picture below that sums up me at the moment, and hiphop is at the center in the picture. So: hiphop it was, I couldn’t do a very creative graffiti style, but needed something that I could relate to. The salmon fly above is what I came up with, I call it “Adidas superstar” with gold stripes (the white thread on the rib represents the stitches on the shoe) and the shiny shell toe.

This is my favorite shoe and I always have a couple of colors (most often black /white ones) available. The adidas superstar and the three-stripes is something you will see if you look at old-school hiphop videos and breakdancing, so that is where I took the inspiration for this weeks theme, and hiphop is absolutely something that defines me.


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