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I fish with all the classics I make (of course: I put aside some specials that I want to keep), so thinking about fishing situations is important: where am I fishing, when and what could the water be like at that time. With the new season coming up soon and the fact that I’ll be fishing in a river that could be high on spring-flood, I needed some patterns to accomodate that situation.

The eagle patterns, here with standard marabou as substitute, is a pattern that should work well in murky, high waters. I have chosen a #3/0 spey hook (that measures a good #6/0 on the scale), but it could also be done on a tube instead.

Some experiments with different shades of marabou and testing out the amount to see how these behave in the water.



  • Hook: Daiichi 2271 #1 – http://flyhooks.org/daiichi/2271 
  • Tag: UNI-French Twist Medium
  • Tail: Topping & Tippet
  • Butt: Black ostrich herl
  • Body: Green & Blue seals fur
  • Ribs: UNI-Mylar #10, Veevus French tinsel medium – counter-wrapped over hackle
  • Hackle: Black heron from middle of blue
  • Throat: Widgeon
  • Wings: Turkey
  • Cheeks: JC, drooping


Tying up a part of my salmon box with Dee patterns these days, today: Balmoral

Lady Caroline – Blind Eye


  • Hook: Partridge Bartleet Blind-Eye #3/0
  • Thread: Semperfli 12/0 White
  • Eye: Keino Gut
  • Tail: Red Golden Pheasant Body Feather
  • Rib: UNI-Mylar #10 Gold, UNI-French Twisted Silver Medium
  • Body: Berlin Wool 1/3 Dark Olive + 2/3 Dark Brown
  • Body Hackle: Heron
  • Throat: Red Golden Pheasant Body Feather
  • Wings: Bronze Mallard – 2 layers
  • Finish: Loon Hard Head Black

My first blind-eye tied for fishing: a Lady Caroline on a large Partridge #3/0 hook, I have never fished this before either, so this will be something to test out once the rivers open again. The gut is artificial gut from Helsinki Spey Clave.