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Akroyd – #2/0 10xl


I have been tying up some Dee patterns for fishing lately, but every now and then you need to challenge yourself! Pulled out the longest hook I have – the Partridge CS15 – a #2/0 10xl hook that is made for classic streamer style patterns, but why not a Akroyd?



This pattern really stretched my material selection, especially the white turkey wing, but I managed to set a ok wing in the end.


The dropping JC could have been longer, but in the end I was happy with the result.


Putting this on a salmon scale shows the length of this massive fly.

Catskill course


I have been tying a lot of salmon and seatrout flies this year, and that’s ok, but it’s time to go back to the roots of where I started: the dry fly! I will be focusing a lot on this the coming winter, and to start things off I went to a flytying course last night (my first ever tying course!). Niklas Dahlin had a course over 4 hours, presenting catskill tying to us, and it was a blast! Tied up these on Partriedge ideal standard dry #14 http://flyhooks.org/partridge/sud2-ideal-standard-dry with a lot of help from Niklas.


Sitting down, observing someone tying is something you should do if you get the chance: the techniques, skills and flow of a flytyer is something special to observe, and you can pick up a lot of tips.


Ordered in some new material today, and I’ll be improving my skills over the course of the next few months.


Too bad it is so long until season starts again here in Norway!