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William Blacker: Standard Flies: 3. The Ant Fly

  • Hook: Vintage blind-eye #8
  • Body: Cinnamon brown mohair
  • Legs: Red, small
  • Wing: Starling, wing

The Ant Fly, from The Art of Angling by William Blacker. The one above is tied in hand on a vintage blind-eye hook, while the three below all are tied for fishing on Ahrex FW580 #10. The body is more fiery-brown than cinnamon brown, but I guess Blacker wouldn’t mind. – hook cards

This autumn I have been cataloging and photographing hook sale cards for – cards that was used for presenting hooks when salesrepresentatives travelled around from shop to shop to sell hooks (and other goods)

Today I have added about 50 cards to with a brand new index on

The cards have been added to each hook type and linked to from the hook card list above. More will come as I’m done processing them, stay tuned and revisit the hook card list if you are interested in old Mustad hook cards!