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Another day and 21 new pictures added to, bringing the total number of images up to 100+

Today was Partridge day, with 19 new pictures, in addition I added one Daiichi and one Knapek hook. The ones standing out today was the CS54 above: the bend and strength on this one lends itself to shrimp and other seatrout patterns around here. The CZ below is one I haven’t had in my hands before, but stood out as a hook that needs to be bought and tied on; it is strong, got a very good nymph curve and is barbless. This is one I could tie up some nymphs for salmon on since it comes in sizes from #18 all the way up to #1/0

Here is one interesting new hook shape that I haven’t had the chance to tie on before: the Daiichi 1222:


Hooks with pictures today:

Next up is A.Jensen, Owner and Akita before a large batch of Mustad hooks will make its way to – 14 Gamkatasu hooks and 5 TMC hooks


Added 14 new Gamakatsu hooks today, thanks to donations from some very generous people!

The SC15 above is one I’ll buy to tie up shrimps and maybe some other saltwater patterns, the C14S below stands out as a very sturdy hook that could be used for some salmon patterns or when going after bigger saltwater species. Looking forward to tie on both of them

I also added some TMC, with the TMC 2488 below as a hook I’ve tied a lot on before, but on the tiny #20 size, a good hook with a wide gape that can be used for different patterns, both dry and small nymphs


Added pictures on these hooks: – 15 new pictures


A update for tonight: added all Knapek hooks and in total 15 new pictures from Knapek, Allen, Gamakatsu and Varivas to  The above is one of my current favorites when it comes to shrimp: the Gamakatsu f314 that I have in #4, #6 and #8.

The Gamakatsu C12-BM in size #30 have one of the largest eyes when it comes to that size hook – compared with TMC518 in #30 it is gigantic! A interesting hook to tie small emergers and dries on, but even though it has a big eye you still need a 7x tippet to thread it.


I have also received 80-90 hooks, and have 40 more on its way from people that donate hooks to! Without them I could not get so many hooks on there so quick. I’ll spend some time this weekend photographing and registering dimensions. There is now a total of 427 hooks with 80 pictures available. – new search feature


I’ll keep this blog updated with information about new things happening on to make sure you know what is happening.

From a couple of days ago you can now check the “Pictures” box on the search page and you will only search on the hooks that have a closeup image  like the one above. If you get a search result you will get a thumbnail of each hook in the list: this image is clickable and you will go into gallery-mode in the search result where you can use the arrow keys to navigate between the hooks.

I’ll remove the transition effect soon to make it easier to flip between hooks to see the difference, but that is for the next release.