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Another day and 21 new pictures added to, bringing the total number of images up to 100+

Today was Partridge day, with 19 new pictures, in addition I added one Daiichi and one Knapek hook. The ones standing out today was the CS54 above: the bend and strength on this one lends itself to shrimp and other seatrout patterns around here. The CZ below is one I haven’t had in my hands before, but stood out as a hook that needs to be bought and tied on; it is strong, got a very good nymph curve and is barbless. This is one I could tie up some nymphs for salmon on since it comes in sizes from #18 all the way up to #1/0

Here is one interesting new hook shape that I haven’t had the chance to tie on before: the Daiichi 1222:


Hooks with pictures today:

Next up is A.Jensen, Owner and Akita before a large batch of Mustad hooks will make its way to

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