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Today was Mustad day, and I’m halfway through the ones I have.

In total 28 new pictures uploaded to, and I have another 27 to go later this week if I get the time for it. Some hooks now have more than one picture, this is really showing the information that is gathered here: look at c71snp-ss that have 6 different sizes available to see how it evolves through the sizes.


Green Highlander with a twist

Here is a GH I did this morning (on a Mustad 80500BL #2/0: ), but with a twist: I used polar bear in the wing instead of the normal married wings. I did some small GH earlier this year with PB, but not following the pattern as strict. I wanted to have a fly that would be easy to tie, didn’t take too much time, and at the same time gave me that composition of colours and flare that a fully dressed GH have. Going to tie up some more of this in different sizes (from #1 to #5/0)