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Green Butt Spey

2015.01.24.dryfly.me.grey_but_speyHook: Alec Jackson Spey #1.5
Thread: UNI 6/0 Black
Tag: UNI-French Medium Oval
Body: First half green Glo-Brite Fluorescent Floss, second half peackock herl
Rib: UNI-French Medium Oval
Hackle: Black heron
Wing: Mallard Duck Bronze Shoulder

A fluorescent green spey! Inspiration came from a pattern on the facebook spey tyer page. Tried to keep this slim and not fill it with too much material, and I think I succeeded in that: it is slim, just two turns of hackle and a overall slim profile. This will swim very well!

2015.01.24.dryfly.me.grey_but_spey_closeThe front-view:




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