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William Blacker: Standard Flies 11. The Grey Housewife

Tail: Mallard, two fibres
Body: Light brown mohair, mixed with hare’s ear
Hackle: Partridge neck, or grey cock
Wing: Hen pheasant’s wing, or grey drake

The Grey Housewife from The Art of Angling by William Blacker. The one above is tied in hand on a vintage blind-eye hook, while the two below all are tied for fishing on Ahrex FW580 #10.

Salmon spiders/wets

The plan this season is to fish more with spiders and wets/wingless wets – I want to explore more than just dries for trout. With a large batch of spiders and wingless wets ready I set out to tie up some larger spiders/wingless wets to fish for salmon as well.

These are tied on #4 & #8 salmon hooks and are tied to target salmon, but will of course be with me as a part of any trout-fishing trips as well!

Keeping it simple and fishing activly with these should (hopefull) produce some results this summer, now we just need to wait for the summer to arrive here up north!