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Fornebu Winterfishing

Looking through some pictures from earlier this year: the winter was breaking and I took the bus out to Fornebu, just 30min from downtown Oslo to try out the Seatrout. Didn’t get anything on this trip, but a great day after a long winter!

My current setup for seatrout: Guideline LPXe #6, Vision #6/7 reel and Guideline Coastal Fast Intermediate #6 is the first year I have targeted seatrout, will focus on tying for that the comming winter must-have for cold winter days: ice was still on the shore very nice places to target seatrout in the Oslo fjord, when the spring comes there are a lot of flyfishers in this area




Nordmarka Trout Trip

Working in Oslo as a software developer one of the things that I really look forward to and enjoy is the trips I have in the forest 30min north of downtown Oslo. The trips are part getting out into the forest, part workout and of course: I always bring my rod. Some of the trips can be 6 hours where 5 hours is walking and 1  hour is fishing, other times it is 2hours walking, 5hours fishing and return. The important thing is to get out in the forest to relax and rewind.

This time I took a trip from the south-end of the forest towards a small lake I visit every year.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASome steep hills, but this particular path is not that much used, so you get to walk alone for much of the time in beautiful nature


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFirst glimpse of the lake: dead-quiet on the surface, not a breath of wind. It is surrounded by trees that makes it particular difficult to get your line out, this is the time for technical casting. Sat down and listened to the nature: all I could hear was the steady rising and jumping of trout – the activity level was really high. I saw the classic head-tail rise of several large trout, but they were too far out to be able to get to. I did, however, see trout come up and jump 30cm off the water to target butterflies and insects just 2m from land where I was standing!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis is a place I target every year, the trout here is large, but is hard to get to (most is far out in the middle where you cannot get to). This time I landed only one trout on a dry pink-tag, but I will be back later this autumn and spend a night tenting close by.


Sneaky casting laying low in the grass is important – the trout took just 2 meters out.