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Hook: TMC 100BL #12
Thread: Sheer 14/0 Black
Body: various dubbing colors
Hackle: Whiting bronze

A 2-minute fly that can be varied in different colors, some choose to cut the top hackle as well, but I kept it on today. Busy days with filling up the BL box for a trip to Rena in september, one river I have never fished in, but should see some very good trout and graylings!

Bergman: Babcock #8

Hook: Kamasan B170 #8
Thread: Sheer 14/0 Black
Tip: UNI-Mylar Gold/Silver #16
Tail: Goose Shoulder Yellow/Black
Body: UNI-Floss Red
Rib: UNI-Mylar Gold/Silver #16
Wing: Goose Shoulder Yellow/Black
Throat: Whiting Hackle

Another Bergman this morning: I will try to choose some of the patterns where I have material, and this yellow/black one stood out when looking through the collection. The goose shoulders I have is not the best quality, but good enough for creating these small wings. Some minor things that could do with improvement: there is a gap between the tip and the red body and the head is not varnished good enough, but I’ll leave that for the next time.

Governor #8

Hook: Kamasan B170 #8
Thread: Sheer 14/0 Black
Tip: UNI-Mylar Gold/Silver #16
Tag: UNI-Floss Dark Red
Body: Peacock Herl
Wing: Mottled Turkey
Throat: Brown

Ray Bergmans “Trout” is a classic that you quickly hear about when it comes to classic flytying. I still haven’t got a copy, but I got some inspiration from the bergman collection and have plans to tie up some over winter to get a feel of these classic wet-flies. The bergman collection calls for a lot of material (in many colors) if you want to be true to the original, but I’m going to substitute some as I see fit and what I have available.

First time fishing for salmon with fly


I have caught one salmon in my life: I was 7 years and got a 7kg salmon, I was stoked and I kept on fishing a lot, but I never got around to do any more salmon fishing after that. This year I said that one of my goals would be to at least have 1 day fishing for atlantic salmon in one of the rivers here in Norway. The season was really getting close to the end, but I found a river not too far from Oslo and last weekend I hired a car and set of at around 4am to drive down. I set up on this fly-only beat at around 7 and got ready to go out with my new Zpey 13.3″ #8 rod. The place was perfect for starting out: it was a easy wade out and the current wasn’t bad. A sunray shadow was put on and the feeling was great when I started fishing my way down the river.

It took only 5minutes before something was on! But: it was quite disappointing when it ended up being this little pike:


It was my first ever pike, but: not my target for the day. just 2minutes later a 3-4kg salmon was jumping clean off the water with the side towards me, just 10meters down river….. The pulse really got up a couple of clicks, but nothing was hooking on my sunray.


I spent the day fishing up and down this beat, making coffee, relaxing and spending time doing something that looks like spey-casting (I need to take some classes next year).


It turned out to be a good day on the river even though I didn’t catch any fish. I did  see 4 fish that was up and making a lot of noise, so there are plenty of fish around, but the water was low and nobody else that was on the same stretch got anything that day either.


Second half of the day I moved up to this place 2-3km up the river. Some good pools that should contain salmon, but up here I didn’t see anything moving.

2014.08.25.num_river2I will head back here next year when the season starts in may and get some more days in this river that is only 100km from Oslo. Until then I’ll tie up some more for that season!


Red-tag double


Hook: Ken Sawada Double #6
Thread: Sheer 14/0 Black
Tag: UNI-Floss Red
Underbody: UNI-Floss White
Body: UNI-Mylar Gold/Silver, UNI-French Silver Oval MD
Hackle: Whiting
Wing: Templedog Black
Eyes: JC

This is one of those time-tested classics, if it is small ones for trout or larger ones for salmon/seatrout: the red-tag exists in different variations and material-choice. This one is tied on the Ken Sawada hook that I’ve tied up quite a few ones on lately: it is strong, has a good build and is razor-sharp. I tapered up the body with white floss first to get a gradually larger body, when you then apply the hackle it will sit in front of the taper and help with the pulsating movement of the fly.