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Vulgata Emerger

  • Hook: TMC 200R #8
  • Thread: UNI 6/0 Brown
  • Tail: Spirit River Mottlebou Brown Marabou
  • Body: Spirit River Mottlebou Brown Marabou
  • Rib: UTV Ultra Wire Copper
  • Wing: CDC Brown & Tan in dubbing loop
  • Wing Casing: Foam

Even though the snow is still on the ground, and the lakes around Oslo is frozen solid, it is not long until spring time and first hatches begin. The Ephemera Vulgata is one of the biggest mayflies around here and in the forest around town you can get large hatches during summer! If you ever meet a hatch you should be ready, and I’m starting my box with some emergers, here in size #8.