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The Fishing Gazette – Major Traherne’s patterns

A while back I was lucky enough to be able to spend some time reading the original 1884 editions of “The fishing gazette”. In 1883/84 George M. Kelson ran a series of text called “On the description of salmon flies, Major Traherne’s Patterns” where he presented (as far as I know) 18 patterns by Major Traherne, but also describes the steps involved in tying a salmon fly.

These text have not been easily available, and when I had a chance to read the 1884 editions I got some pictures and have transcribed the text and added a new “book” to where I will publish the 12 chapters I have from this series.

If you have the first four, or the No.18 of these, then I’m interested to get in touch with you to see if I can get my hands on them!

The book is listed on under “The fishing gazette: On the description of salmon flies” and the first pattern published today is “No. 5. Tippetiwitchet

Traherne: Nepenthian

One author that I hadn’t tied anything from was Traherne: the gaudy patterns, the massive amounts of (rare) feathers and colors everywhere made me stop shy of actually sitting down to tie anything. But: I needed something fresh to tie, something to tie up that I hadn’t done before, and when I stumbled upon a post in Chasing Silver Magazine I figured I was up for the challenge today.

Learning patterns and styles is important, so to get cracking on Traherne I got out a #5/0 iron and got out some substitute feathers to tie a fishing version of the Nepenthian. There are things to pick on, but it is a fly that I’ll use for fishing, so that is the focus when I tie these. Until 2019 though… I’ll get out the splitcane and put it on the end of a long floating line!