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Lysaker to Sørkedalen

In Oslo there are some small rivers where you can go out a couple of hours after work, just to get away from it all and wander next to the stream and get away from it all. One such stretch that I haven’t tried out before is between Lysaker and Sørkedalen, this year one of my plans is to explore the river system from sea all the way up to its origin. The river starts around lysaker where the first 1.5km you can catch Salmon and seatrout (a bit later in the season), then there is the river up to Bogstadvannet before sørkedalselva goes further up into the forest surronding Oslo.

The plan is now to explore small stretches up and down this river during the summer when I have 2-3hours after work when it just isn’t time to go on any longer trips.


You can get to the river from many locations: buss, metro, train (or a good combination of them), the vegetation makes it preferable to bring some waders since you won’t be able to reach much if you go here without. There is mainly small brown trout, but there are larger ones, especially in and around Bogstadvannet.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe vegetation and small river makes a short, light-weight rod a good solution. Next to the river there is a track for walking and running but luckily not too much people out on a tuesday afternoon, so it was a good getaway from the city

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFor this river I bring my Sage TXL-F 7.10 #1 with a Sage Click I: the combination is great for presentation and bringing in these small trout.