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Midge Emerger Sheer 14/0 White
Hook: Kamasan B100 #12
Body: Polishquills Stripped Peacock Eye Orange
Thorax: SLF Squirrel
Wing: White CDC

Midge season is soon upon us, so I have started to do a inventory on my flyboxes to see what I have and what I’m missing. So: midges will be focus for a while and you will see different midge patterns appearing here in the time to come.

What is your favorite midge pattern?


Deer & CDC Emerger TMC 2457 #14
Thread: Sheer 14/0 Brown
Tail: Sparkle Organza Dun
Body: Polishquills  Stripped Peacock Orange
Thorax: Hareline Hare’s Ear Plus Dark Olive
Wing: Hareline Premium Deer Natural Brown, 2x CDC Dark Olive

I keep experimenting with the stripped peacock from polishquills and for a up-right emerger I would normally do either CDC or deer for the wing, but for this one I combine the two with a supporting layer of deer behind the CDC to see how it will behave. The sparkle organza tail will serve as a good attractor. This should sit nice and low in the water and for a slow-flowing river this will be a sure bet next summer.

From behind: the deer should help support the fly in a upright position bit dark, but a shot from the front: profile from underneath: the Hare’s Ear dubbing with the added bling will behave very good




Fiery Emerger

2013.12.06.emergerHook: Knapek Midge Pupae #14
Thread: Sheer 14/0 Brown
Body: Polishquills  Stripped Peacock Orange
Thorax: Hareline Hare’s Ice Dub Rusty Orange, 2xCDC
Wing: 2xCDC White
Legs: Mallard Flank

This pattern I found on and adapted to a different color scheme. The fiery red/orange of this emerger will make it a great trout/grayling fly that I now have to wait until april/may (until the ice melts away here in Norway…) to actually test. The body on this came out ok, I should have bugbond on the peacock quill, but the one I have is to thick to apply to such a body.The other thing I would experiment with is to have a bit more legs on to make them stand out even more

Top view: the legs will create a good footprint on the surface

2013.12.06.emerger_topBottom view: the legs combined with the rusty orange dubbing is a great combination

2013.12.06.emerger_bottomA couple together: