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Shrimp – take 1

Hook: TMC 777SP #6
Thread: UNI 6/0 Grey
Weight: Lead
Tail: Mallard Flank
Dubbing: A.Jensen Saltwater Dub ll Gill Red
Legs: Elastic Nylon Thread 0.5mm
Eyes: BugBond on red bead
Shield: Hareline Scud Back
Resin: Bug Bond

Since seatrout fishing has gone very good lately I figured I needed some shrimps, so I got some extra material today to try out a couple of different patterns. There is still much to do on this pattern to get it right, but a good example on what I find interesting to do: exploring new patterns and ways of tying flies

Black Stone Nymph
Hook: Daiichi 1260 #12
Thread: Sheer 14/0 Black
Tail: Hareline Turkey Biot Black
Body: UTC Vinyl Rib Nymph Clear, black thread underneath
Thorax: Hareline Hare’s Ear Plus Chocolate Brown
Wing Case: Hareline Scud Back 1/8″ Black
Wing: Mallard Flank

The clear Vinyl Rib gives a huge amount of variations when it comes to color for this one: just use different thread underneath and it will take on a diffirent shade. The body is a bit uneaven and could have been a bit thicker and the wing case above the foremost thorax part should have been better, but it will fish!