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Bergman: Babcock #8

Hook: Kamasan B170 #8
Thread: Sheer 14/0 Black
Tip: UNI-Mylar Gold/Silver #16
Tail: Goose Shoulder Yellow/Black
Body: UNI-Floss Red
Rib: UNI-Mylar Gold/Silver #16
Wing: Goose Shoulder Yellow/Black
Throat: Whiting Hackle

Another Bergman this morning: I will try to choose some of the patterns where I have material, and this yellow/black one stood out when looking through the collection. The goose shoulders I have is not the best quality, but good enough for creating these small wings. Some minor things that could do with improvement: there is a gap between the tip and the red body and the head is not varnished good enough, but I’ll leave that for the next time.

Silver & Orange streamer Allen S401 6xl #6
Thread:UNI 6/0 Black
Tail: Orange Goose Shoulder Orange
Body: UNI-Mylar #10, UNI-French Oval Md Silver
Wing: Peacock Sword, Blue Bucktail
Beard: White Bucktail, Orange Goose Shoulder
Sides: Jungle Cock

Got a shipment of these long streamer hooks from Allen Flyfishing the other day and freestyled this long streamer. First time I’ve tied on a hook this long and I’m quite pleased with how it turned out: long, slim and with a distinct trigger color on the beard and tail.


Married Wings & Jungle Cock Dai-Riki 899 #6
Thread: UNI 6/0 Black
Tag: UNI-French Oval Md Silver
Tail: White & Red Goose Shoulder
Body: Red Floss
Rib: Black Floss, UNI-French Oval Md Silver
Wing: White & Red Goose Shoulder
Sides: Jungle Cock
Throat: Hen, Black
Head: Ostrich Herl

I got a small patch of Jungle Cock as a present the other day and I have had some plans to start tying classic salmon flies this winter, so I’m starting with very simple versions to learn the layering and marrying of wings and building up materials.

This one ended up not too bad, I had some problems with tying in the married wings and the throat should have been tied in under the ostrich herl. I also feel that the wing is a bit too long ( and the tip of the wing just didn’t marry very well )

As you can see from the top-down picture: the jungle cock almost aligns and the wings looks decent for now.