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Blue Double for seatrout and salmon Kamasan B280 #6
Thread: Sheer 14/0 Black
Tail: Dyed Golden Pheasant Tippets Orange
Tag: UTC French Tinsel
Body: Horns Soft Salmon Dub Kingfisher Blue
Rib: UTC French Tinsel
Wing: Brown & Blue templedog, silver flash
Sides: JC

This one started with the dubbing: I got some good kingfisher blue from Horns the other day and I built this fly around that color. The dubbing is great and I found some templedog that matched in color. I really tried to keep it down in number of materials and not have it super-big when it came to the wing. This one I will tie up in different variations before I even have fished it: one that I just “know” will work when it hit the water