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CDC & Deer – vibrant body

Hook: DR 305 #10
Thread: UNI 6/0 Brown
Body:  Single Olive Green CDC feather, wrapped around the hook
Wing: Hareline Premo Deer – Olive

Experimenting on the CDC & Deer pattern – found a CDC feather with long fibres that should give a lot of life on the surface. Have not fished with this one yet, but this should work as a atractor on the surface.

CDC & Deer

Hook: DR 305 #10
Thread: UNI 6/0 Brown
Body:  Taimen Beaver Dubbing – Green Olive, UTC Ultra Wire Gold
Wing: Hareline Premo Deer – Olive, CDC Dark Olive

Floats really good and the extra CDC in the front of the wing gives extra life to the fly. A general go-to pattern that can be varied a lot: the general silhouette on this makes it usable in many situations.

Langrumpa Bugger
Hook: DR 305 #10
Thread: Sheer 14/0 White
Tail: From the bottom: White CDC, Mallard Flank, Green CDC
Body:  Hends Superfine Grey, Whiting Hackle, UTC Ultra Wire Silver
Head: 3mm tungsten bead

This is basicly a variant of a wooly bugger, but it has a story: last year I was in a cabin in Norway near langrompa lake and inspired by the nature and colors (we walked a lot in the moutain around the cabin) this pattern came to be as a memory of this great place. I like freestyling when tying with whatever I have in front of me, and this is one of those outcomes. The white (from moss and snow) and the greens was very predominant in the mountain around us, so the tail represents the nature around langrompa lake   Also tied this on a TMC 5263 #10:   To give you an idea of the nature that inspired this pattern: