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Been a busy summer (and I’ll get back with a post about that), but: got some bombers ready for a upcoming trip to norther Norway. 


I do these in step-by-step, taking each logical step on all hooks before I proceed to the next part, makes tying lots of similar flies much easier.


Royal Wulff From #2 to #16

The Royal Wulff I tied the other day was a part of a set of RW on the Partridge bomber hooks I have. Repeating a pattern again and again is the only thing that really makes you learn it, and now I have some great RW for salmon, and for the really hungry trout.

The length of the bomber hooks makes the body become longer and slender than you would normally see on a RW, but there should not be more hackle on these than there are now. Looking forward to float these on a stream (once all the ice has gone here in Norway)

Partridge Bomber #2

Partridge Bomber #4

Partridge Bomber #6

Partridge Bomber #8

TMC 100BL #16

The whole family






Salmon Bomber #2 Partridge Bomber #2
Thread: UNI 6/0
Tail: Calf Body
Body: Wapsi Premo Deer Hair Bleached
Hackle: Whiting Bronze
Wing: Calf Body

Got a shipment of different size (#2-#8) Partridge Bomber hooks the other day and starting with the largest hook I’ll start tying up a box of these in different colors. The smaller ones will work well for trout as well, not only salmon, so this will be something to test out just as the sun is setting and the trout goes hunting after mice.