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What Trout Want

what-trout-wantTitle:  What Trout Want – The Educated Trout and Other Myths
Author: Bob Wyatt
ISBN-10: 081171179X
ISBN-13: 978-0811711791
Pages: 240

As a flyfisher there are many myths and superstitions that can easily be brought out if something doesn’t go quite as we expected: the trout is smart, the fly pattern has been “fished-out” on this river, the trout is selective and many more: Bob Wyatt goes through these and and then some in this book that takes a sober view on trout fishing and what it is all about. This is not a book so much about specific patterns and great SBSs on how to “get” more trout – it brings the discussion down to the basics about what flyfishing is about: presentation/behaviour, keeping patterns simple, less is more, triggers.

The book is well written and is a easy read; some good patterns are presented in-between stories and well-presented cases on some of the myths that comes with trout fishing. If you think that you have to tie flies that are semi-realistic in order to get any trout: this book is for you. It is also for anyone to listen to the experience Bob has gathered when it comes to presentation and simplicity. This is one for a rainy day and a good cup of coffee.

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