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Just over 2 years ago I started because I could not find information about hooks:

When I first started out I didn’t know much about hooks, or material for that matter, so I went to the local shops, bought some hooks, got online and saw the multitude of different hooks was available. But the hooks was always displayed in a box, or without a proper close-up, I couldn’t figure out their exact property, so I ended up buying lots of different hooks to test them out and get a feel of how they were.

Over these two years I’ve had people and companies sending me hooks from all over the place: France, Canada, UK, Sweden and many other places! I’ve received envelopes with just a single hook traveling a very long way, envelopes with no sender, one with just a stamp indicating that it was sent from a certain country, boxes of hooks from people that really like the idea of what is all about and many more…..

What started as a itch to scratch because there were no information grew quickly, and last night I added the 1000th individual hook picture to! This could not have been made possible without all the contributions, so: thank you all that have contributed so far!

There are currently: 42 companies and 721 hook types with 3791 hook sizes. Of these I have registered 431 hook types with image and a total of 1008 hook sizes with image.

Some notable things:

Lately I have added a section on books and one on hook cards. Coming soon will be more search and filtering and insight into hook dimensions and what is common among all the hooks. And I still haven’t started taking pictures of my doubles and trebles, they will come :)

Thanks again for all that have participated, and the job is not done: keep sending me hooks and I’ll put them up on


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