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Yesterday I entered a lot of new data on about the properties of a hook, today it was time to start using that data for something good: similar hooks.

Whenever you go to a hook you get a automatic search that looks for other hooks that have similar measurements as the hook you are looking at, it will only search on the measurements that the hook have and it will (for now) look at hooks that are within +/- 15% of each size.

Here is a example on Mustad 94840, to the far left is the size of the 94840 (we match on each hook size, not a total for all sizes) and then the hooks that matches that size. As you can see on the numbers: the left number is the size for the 94840 size, then it is the matching hook number to the right of the arrow.


The search is still early in its development, but I wanted to get it out there to start being used so that I could get some feedback. The search will improve over the next few weeks as I update the last 188 hook sizes that don’t have Throat, Shank Length & Eye width measurements on.

Other examples:

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