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fly-sites updated

It has been quiet here for a week or so, and with good reason: last week I was doing some maintenance on the fly-sites (flyhooks/flytyer/flyrods) and discovered that I’ve neglected it for quite a while! The base cms I based it on was outdated and not supported anymore, the libraries was outdated, and when I started to look at the structure it just wasn’t good enough to do rapid updates to the site….

This weekend I sat down and ported all the sites to a new CMS and re-built the entire admin and user-facing sites…. This took quite some time, but today I pushed the changes to my server and restarted apache! And it failed… but only for 5minutes since I forgot something in the upgrade script ;)

Everything should be back to where it once was and the functionality is as it was last week. But: if you do find anything not working: let me know!

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