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Today I’m introducing a new site that I wished was available when I started tying flies a while back:

When I first started out I didn’t know much about hooks, or material for that matter, so I went to the local shops, bought some hooks, got online and saw the multitude of different hooks was available. But the hooks was always displayed in a box, or without a proper close-up, I couldn’t figure out their exact property, so I ended up buying lots of different hooks to test them out and get a feel of how they were.

With I have taken the hooks I have, measured them, taken photos and created a site for them where you can get a closer look at different hooks and their properties. Not all hooks have pictures, but I’ll keep adding as I get my hands on more (contact me if you have spare – in any size). The plan is to build up a good database of hooks that are available now, and that have been available earlier. The information about a lot of the hooks is as good as I can get them, so I’ll keep updating and refining the data. is connected to when you add patterns there you can choose company, hook and size from the ones registered on Once registered the pattern will show up on with a link back to the pattern: see TMC 100BL for a example. This makes it possible to not only see how the hook looks like, but also how a pattern with that hook will be.

I’m not done developing yet, but I’m getting this out there now so that I can get input from you on features you would like to see: use the contact form on the site or send me a comment here on what could be interesting to have on the site.

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