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Craft Fur Shrimp

Hook: Gamakatsu F314 #4
Thread: UNI 6/0 Pink
Mouth: Mallard, Pink Craft Fur
Antennas: Super Hair Tan
Eyes: Easy Shrimp Eyes
Rib: Mono
Body: SLF Saltwater Shell Pink
Hackle: Pink Craft Fur
Shell: EP Fibres Pink UV, Bug-Bond

I have been chasing a Whiting Spey salmon pink cape for a while to tie up shrimps, but there is a shortage, so: craft cur can be used instead to tie them up. This is a pattegrisen pattern that I haven’t fished with previously, so I need to head out to fish this one of these days!

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  • Tom Herrington says:

    Nice tie.
    I, too, looked and finally found Whiting Spey hackle salmon pink. But, to be honest I like the hackles from Bird Fur better. Easier to handle the hackles and palmers nicely…not to thick of thin.

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