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Mickey’s Ghost Variant

Hook: Partridge Carrie Stevens Streamer #2/0 10xl
Thread: Sheer 14/0 Black
Tag: UNI-Mylar
Body: UNI-Floss White underbody, UNI-Floss red
Rib: UNI-Mylar
Belly: Red bucktail, yellow bucktail
Throat: Red Schlappen
Underwing: Peacock Herl, Golden Pheasant Crest
Wing: The Fly Co Yellow Rooster Neck, Foxtail Red Hen Neck
Shoulder: Silver Pheasant
Cheek: Jungle Cock

A variant of yesterdays Mickey’s Ghost, but this time with red body. A little bit cleaner this time, and the silver pheasant sits better. A fun pattern to experiment with!

The two ghosts together:

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