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Vaskebjørn on streamer hook


Hook: TMC 9394 #6
Thread: UNI 6/0 Black
Hackle: Whiting Rooster Saddle Grizzly
Dubbing: Burnt Orange/Rusty Brown/Gill Red A.Jensen Saltwater Dub, The Fly. Co Seals Fur Red

Today was Vaskebjørn experiments: took the pattern up to a #6 TMC 9394 streamer hook and tried out some new saltwater dubbing from A.Jensen. Have not tried these in the water yet, but I like the idea of having the eyes a bit in the front combined with a longer section of the body in bright colors. Will come back with reports on this once I get it wet.

Red sealwool


Gill Red


Burnt Orange


Rusty Brown


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