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A big tie-up for the summer

The summer is here and it has been quiet on dryfly for a while: I spend my time outdoors and enjoy the summer here in Norway, and it has been a hectic spring with travels to New York, Mongolia and now lastly to Mumbai in India. But: the summer is here and we need more flies for this years big trout trip.

Mini-bombers for trout ona #10 streamer hook

Yellow parachute on a D-R 305 #12, my hackle supply is getting low, so some of these are a bit big, but they will work

Yellow parachute on Mustad 94840 #18

Black parachute on Mustad 94840 #18

Black parachute on D-R 305 #12, I tend to have too long than too short wing-post, then I can cut and adjust as I’m in the river

Black midge on mustad 94840 #18

Black midge on mustad 94840 #18 midge on mustad 94840 #18

Royal Wulff on D-R 305 #12

Larva on mustad 94840 #18, a sub-surface test that should work for trout and grayling

Enjoy the summer, I sure will!

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