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Black Ghost Marabou color variations Allen S401 #6
Thread: UNI 6/0 Black
Tail: Marabou in different color variations
Body: Black Floss, UNI-Mylar #10
Wing: White Marabou
Throat: Marabou in different color variations

I follow on, and the other day a list of black ghost marabou in different color variations came up, so: I had to tie up some variations on this one to see how it is put together. The marabou should give a lot of movement in the water and the silver ribbed body can’t go wrong. Looking forward to test this in a river across a pool late at night.

Yellow variant: variant: together on some cork I have practiced gluing together for my rod project


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  • Felistac says:

    I use a Bic style pen with the ink part (ball point part) removed as a half hitch tool. The opneing is a little big hooks smaller than say #10. For smaller hooks I use a Cross pencil that I retract the lead all the way in for the same purpose. For cleaning the under-fur from Deer/Elk hair, I use a flea comb. Get the expensive kind with metal tines. By expensive I mean $4 instead of the cheap $1 plastic ones.I also always have push-pins and thumb-tacks on hand. They seem to be sharper than sewing needles and are great for cleaning errant head cement from hook eyes. Your fine copper wire can be used for the same purpose while the cement it still wet. Pins can also be used to help untie knots like when you finish the fly and have forgotten to add an ingredient like an the hair wing, or sight indicator yarn over the wing. Don’t laugh, I do that all the time. Colored Sharpies (I’ve even considered carying a couple colors of these with me while fishing). I use these when brown caddis are hatching and all I have are the ingredients for tan caddis. You can also turn use it on the river to quickly turn, say, a large PMD into a reasonable March Brown if all you have are PMDs.

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