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52 Weeks – 52 Flies

I have earlier tried the 365 days – 365 pictures on my norwegian blog, but that was by myself, this year we are a group at work that are doing 52 weeks – 52 pictures. With my passion for photography and flytying I immediately thought about doing 1 fly for each of the topics in the challenge. But that would be a bit boring for the rest of the group, so: this year I’m doing two challenges, one with normal pictures and one I’m doing here on The challenge though is a bit interesting: I’m not doing traditional flies or patterns, but rather a freestyle fly that corresponds to the keyword I have for my photo challenge (you will see what I’m talking about once I start putting up the pictures).

As you can see from the list of keywords below, some of them might be a bit tricky, but it is the association between keyword and fly that is crucial. There is no correct fly for these keywords, as long as you can explain what you did and why you did it.

Each week I’ll end up with two photos, but if you want to tag along you can do just one!

Week 1 Begin at the beginning
Week 2 Black and White
Week 3 Self portrait
Week 4 Hat
Week 5 Vegetables
Week 6 Something old
Week 7 Dots
Week 8 Dessert
Week 9 Rule of thirds
Week 10 Love
Week 11 Sky is the limit
Week 12 Conversation
Week 13 Street Art
Week 14 Look down
Week 15 Green
Week 16 Noooo!
Week 17 Leaves or Trees
Week 18 On the table
Week 19 Layers
Week 20 Running
Week 21 Blue
Week 22 Water
Week 23 Horizon
Week 24 I found it on the ground
Week 25 A summer treat
Week 26 Chocolate
Week 27 Coffee
Week 28 Red
Week 29 Fence
Week 30 Circle
Week 31 From a distance
Week 32 Get really close
Week 33 My home
Week 34 Fresh
Week 35 Movement
Week 36 Shoes
Week 37 Playtime
Week 38 Shadows
Week 39 Door
Week 40 Recreate a famous photo/picture
Week 41 Frame (Framing)
Week 42 Letters
Week 43 Mirror
Week 44 Technology
Week 45 Symmetry
Week 46 Architecture
Week 47 Animals
Week 48 Time
Week 49 Signs
Week 50 Light in the dark
Week 51 Temptation
Week 52 The end

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