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52 Weeks: 1 – Begin at the beginning week of the 52 week challenge is “Begin at the beginning”,  I immediately went back to my little jar of the first flies that I tied two years ago. I remember tying up the red-tag, struggling with getting the body right, and tying off the thread…. So for this weeks keyword I had to do this little peacock/red-tag.

Here together with the first fly I created: my photo challenge I had to include the picture of my first sausage made from scratch:



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    • Angela says:

      I’m not an expert, but I know a few pelope who would fuss you out severely. lol I made a few flies and they fussed me out, so I know! Though my fly was pretty it didn’t get nearly as many hits as theirs did (of course they let me TRY it before telling me why I shouldn’t have DONE it. lol). My arm was tired from casting and I had nothing to show for all that effort.Usually, as they explained to me patiently like I was daft, the object is to mimic an actual insect which the target fish finds irresistible. Different insects are available at different times of the year, and tend to spark more interest in the fish at different times of the year.It’s rather like using color for crappie, instead of a paticular type of lure. If you use the same lure item, they bite different colors better at different times of the year.So, you can try your new fly and see what kind of hitting response it gets. Who knows? You may have just developed the hottest new item on the market for next spring. lolGood luck, and enjoy the fishing. I always do (even when they don’t bite that’s what the beer is for!).Self Reptile Hobbyist (snakes; lizards, and turtles) 36 yr. and counting.

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