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3 tube flies with different hackle color Arctic Fox
Body: UNI Floss Green, Lagartun French Tinsel rib
Wing: Arctic Fox Red, Templedog Black
Hackle: Wapsi Strung Schlappen in different colors

Spent some time with different hackle colors on the same base pattern to see how they turn out on the fly. The long hackle on the Wapsi packages is good for these sized tubes, but I really should get some skins with different length to be able to adjust to the pattern instead of letting the hackle dictate the size of the fly.

The red hackle came out the best together with the rest of the body: from the front: hackle, this made for a more trigger color: front: hackle, here I didn’t lay the hackle the correct way, so it points up and out instead of following the curve of the fly: front:







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