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Black & Silver Salmon Dai-Riki 899 #1/0
Thread: UNI 6/0 Black
Tag: UNI-French
Body:UNI Floss Black, UNI-French
Wing: Sunburst Yellow Foxtail, Orange Foxtail, Red Arctic Fox 3xl, peacock
Hackle: Black hackle
Head: JC, Black Ostrich Herl

Of the ones I have tied on this #1/0 hook I think this is the one I’m the most pleased with: the propotions are better, the overwing sits better in its place and the JC is a very good visual indicator. I need a better hackle to tie in on this and the tube flies that I’m starting to tie so I’m heading out tomorrow to do some pre-christmas present-shopping for myself ;)

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